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Name of staff


01 Mr. A.A. Padghan Principal
02 Mr. A.P. Jaiswal Head of Department in M.E.
03 Mr. G.H. Ingle Head of Department in C.M.
04 Mr. S.T. Mhaske Head of Department in Science.
05 Miss. N.P. Nikam Lecturer
06 Mr. A.R. Khedekar Lecturer
07 Mr. S.N. Mahadik Lecturer
08 Miss. K.B. Ambhore Lecturer
09 Mr.G.S. Rathod Head of Department in E.X.
10 Mr. P.V. Sarkate Lecturer
11 Miss. V.A. Patil Lecturer
12 Mr. K.R. Pawar Lecturer
13 Mr. P.S. Gugliya Academic Head
14 Mr.K.N. Chankhore Lecturer
15 Mr. S.R. Dhut Lecturer
16 Mr. S.W. Kawarkhe
17 Mr. A.S. Tapdiya Head of Department in E.J.
18 Mr. V.V. Dukle Lecturer
19 Mr. V.P. Awchar Lecturer
20 Mr. A.S. Jaiswal Lecturer
21 Mr. N.H. Kudke Lecturer
22 Miss. D.S. Ingole Lecturer
23 Mr. P.D. Bhagyawat Head of Department in I.F.
24 Mr. M.D. Davle Lecturer
25 Mr.A.Y. Sapkal Lecturer
26 Mr. Y.B. Sarkate Lecturer
27 Mr. B.S. Kharche Lecturer
28 Mr. V.R. Raut Lecturer
29 Mr. R.R. Deshmane Lecturer
30 Miss. M.M. Ingle Lecturer
31 Mr. S.R. Khandagle Lecturer
32 Mr. V.R. Tarapure Lecturer
33 Mr. P.P. Bhawar Lecturer
34 Mr. D.R. Borey Lecturer
35 Mr. Y.S. Bhawar Lecturer
36 Mr. S.F. Fakira Lecturer
37 Mr. S.G. Shelke Lecturer
38 Mr. D.A. Joshi Lecturer
39 Mr. S.R. Sarkate Lecturer
40 Mr. Gaurav H. Ingle Lecturer
41 Mr. M.G. Ghonge Lecturer
42 Miss. M.S. Morey Lecturer
43 Mr. S.A. Dipke Lecturer
44 Mr. A.N. Wankhede Lecturer
45 Mr. N.K. Marwadi Lecturer
46 Mr. D.V. Chaumal Lecturer
47 Mr. R.V. Bijewar Lecturer
48 Mr. S.E. Kakde Senior-Lecturer
49 Miss. R.S. Patil Lecturer
50 Mr. A.V. Pise Lab Assistant
51 Mr. D.S. Chavan Laibrarian
52 Mr. S.D. Sirsat Workshop Instructure
53 Mr. I.A. Khan Lab Assistant
54 Mr. R.B Gaikwad Lab Assistant
55 Mr. A.B. Sirale Lab Assistant
56 Mr. S.K. Pagore Lab Assistant
57 Miss. S.A. Mundhe Lab Assistant
58 Mr. D.V. Rindhe Lab Assistant
59 Mr. R.B. Dhanwate Lab Assistant
60 Mr. S.V. Mangwade Lab Assistant
61 Mr. P.R. Bhalerao Lab Assistant
62 Mr. S.G. Joshi O.C.
63 Mr. Y.E. Awhale Lab Assistant
64 Mr. H.G. Joshi Lab Assistant
65 Mr. R.R. Rindhe Lab Assistant
66 Mr. U.P. Takle Lab Assistant
67 Mr. R.E. Awhale Lab Assistant
68 Mr. V.D. Zore Lab Assistant
69 Miss. D.P. Mapari Lab Assistant
70 Mr. M.M. Dawke Lab Assistant
71 Mr. K.D. Kharat Lab Assistant
72 Mr. A.V. Awchar Lab Assistant
73 Mr. M.V. Sirsat Lab Assistant
74 Mr. S. V. Zore Lab Assistant
75 Mr. S.A. Khan Lab Assistant
76 Mr. S.C. Mhaske Lab Assistant
77 Mr. M.D. Magar Lab Assistant
78 Mr. S.M. Zore Lab Assistant
79 Mr. A.A Khankhar Lab Assistant
80 Mr. A.A. Magar Lecturer
81 Mr. N.S. Jadhav Clerk

About DR.R.N Lahoti Polytechnic College

Adarsh Bahuudeshya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's was established in 2003 under it and by the inspiration dynamic leadership of the great educationist, renowned paralysis doctor, late Dr. P. N. Lahoti this polytechnic college was established in 2009.

Contact us

Dr.R.N Lahoti Polytechnic College

Jalana Road, Sultanpur TQ.Lonar,.
Officia, TX 2005

Dist.Buldhana (Maharashtra).

Telephone: 07260-272571
Telephone: 9860161212, 9881365169
Email: principl_rnl@rediffmail.com

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